Why is Accountability Important

So one key element in growing your company to the next level is having the right team in place.

A lot of times we focus only on the sales part and we neglect the operations, or sometimes we just do it all ourselves, right?

And that’s a recipe for disaster. So in our agency, we have about 11 to 12 people that work with us. They all have different seats in the operation. Some of them wear multiple hats because we’re still in, in my eyes, we’re still small.

So the key here, if you want to really scale and grow is you need to have a good accountability chart and you need to keep each other accountable.

So there’s gonna be a scorecard, there’s gonna be weekly meetings with the team leaders, and you’re gonna keep each other accountable. You’re gonna rub shoulders and say, “Hey, did you accomplish that big rock for this week?”

And when you have accountability in place, That’s where the magic happens. I mean, if you don’t have any accountability, if you’re not accountable to someone, the chances of you succeeding or even conquering your goals, is gonna be really hard.

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