Element number three is images of success. You wanna make sure that your website is displaying images or videos of the transformation or the success of your future client. So, I know most attorneys like to put their picture of their staff or of themselves all over the homepage, and I’m okay with that. 

But you don’t want to inundate the homepage just talking about yourself.

You wanna make sure that you’re putting images or videos displaying the transformation of your future client. 

So if, let’s say a client is going through a bankruptcy or they’re going through financial trouble, you wanna make sure that you’re displaying images of the transformation or the financial freedom they can have if they come to your law firm.

Element number four is to make sure that your services are broken down into bite size format, so that when they visit your homepage, they’re not scrambling everywhere to try to find the service that they’re looking for. 

So, for example, if you’re a family law attorney, you have different services, you have divorce, you have child custody, paternity, all these different types of services.

You wanna make sure that you’re displaying them in a summary format with maybe a little image displaying that service.

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